dragonpageDragon Page Group aims to help raise the profile of Chinese in the UK by providing them with various appropriate platforms. We believe great things can only happen these days by leveraging with the latest possible new media technologies, and through partnership and collaboration with organizations and individuals who share our vision and have strong passion for Chinese people and culture.

"We launched Dragon Page with much enthusiasm in 2007. One year on ... our enthusiasm has grown even bigger! It is only that our focus on Chinese has remained unchanged!"



About the Founder

Dragon Page Group comprises multiple businesses. While the business nature of each company within the Group is different, the purpose of each one of them are the same: to help raise the profile of UK Chinese by providing them with various platforms equipped with the latest possible new media technologies.

Julius is also the co-founder and CTO of Apoapsis, a technology consultancy serving a number of global Fortune-500 companies, where Netusage is its main product and a Cisco Technology Developer Partner.

Previously, Julius was the Global Head of Network Engineering for Deutsche Bank. He also ran an independent consultancy business which served multinational clients such as Salomon Brothers International, Citigroup, JP Morgan, Fuji Bank and Sakura Bank. Prior to that, Julius was a senior consultant at Xerox and an application developer at News International, publisher of newspapers such as The Times.

He is also an individual with strong passion for arts and music. Believing that singing is one of the best starting points to encourage many young people to participate and discover their hidden talents, his organisation organised the C-Star Singing Competition in 2007 which is set to create a world class Chinese superstar. He is also confident that many more Chinese superstars will continue to rise in singing, dancing, acting and other areas in the near future.

Julius is Hong Kong-born Chinese and actively supports many Chinese charities and non-profit organisations in the UK.